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Top 10 Go To’s to Elevate Your Life, and Raise Your Energetic Tone

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About Dr. Andy Nelson

Dr. Andy Nelson brings 20 years of experience in health and fitness as a Chiropractic Physician, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and an Apeiron Epigenetic Human Potential Coach. He is a Competent ToastMaster and a BSA Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor who has lectured on health subjects from A-Z, and walks the talk of health and fitness, with a desire to be young and play with his grandchildren. Dr. Nelson has always sought the underlying cause, preaching the potential pitfalls of drugs and surgery, and the philosophy of working in harmony with the body. 

Thousands of people have sought out Dr. Nelson over the past 20 years for answers to their pain, physically, emotionally and nutritionally. He regularly went the extra mile to help them, many times researching specific answers to challenging problems that other practitioners had missed. Individualized lifestyle medicine based on your genetic bluepring is his new passion for combining science with natural healing and state of the art data, to bring novel results-based discoveries that offer insights into the human experience, with the ultimate goal of joy as our final destination.

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Dr. Andy Nelson (aka Dr. Balance)

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a simple and fast method to find and remove negative emotional energy from the body. It uses kinesiology, or muscle testing to connect to the subconscious mind to find out where the blockages are and what emotions they are related to.

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